The golden rules to pay less for your car insurance

car insurance

1- Driving well pays off

In car insurance, companies apply the bonus-malus system . It rewards good drivers and penalizes those responsible for an accident. Thus, if you do not cause an accident for a year, you benefit from a “bonus” which lowers the price of your car insurance by 5%. This principle is renewed each year without an accident until a maximum bonus of 50% is reached after 13 years of driving without responsible claims (note: a driver who has benefited from a 50 bonus for at least 3 years will not be penalized by a penalty during his first at-fault accident).

Conversely, if you are responsible for an accident, you suffer a ”  penalty  ” of 25% on the price of your car insurance. Unlike the bonus, the penalty is not calculated per year but per responsible claim, in other words, if you have two responsible accidents in the same year, you will feel it going through your next annual contribution!

What if you adopted eco-driving?

Doubly beneficial, eco-driving has a direct impact on the environment (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions) but also on your car expenses (fuel, insurance, limitation of accident risks, etc.). To do this, the driver adopts responsible and attentive driving (gradual acceleration, driving at low revs, limiting sudden braking, anticipation, etc.). By practicing eco-citizen driving on a daily basis, you will reduce the risk of claims and thus accumulate bonuses, resulting in a long-term reduction in your car insurance premium.

2- Prefer third-party insurance rather than all-risks

To drive legally, French law requires you to insure your vehicle for civil liability, i.e. to take out at least third-party insurance . This entry-level formula guarantees the compensation of third parties in the event of an accident at fault. Basic, it is therefore less expensive than all-risk insurance .

Third-party insurance is interesting if you own a low-value vehicle such as a used car over 7 years old. But beware: this apparently economical choice can turn out to be a very bad deal if, in the event of a responsible claim, you find yourself with major repairs or the need to replace a vehicle purchased on credit, for example. Indeed, in this case you would find yourself paying the loan for a vehicle that you no longer have while being faced with the need to buy a new one.

3- Shelter your vehicle in a closed garage rather than on the street

Storing your car in a garage can help reduce your car insurance bill. Indeed, most insurers take into consideration the place of parking of your vehicle. The safer the place (lower risk of theft, vandalism, climatic accident, etc.), the cheaper your premium will be. It is therefore more advantageous to park your car in a garage rather than on the street.

4- Insure a vehicle with low motorization

Sporty car, big sedan, ensure a powerful car at a cost. The motorization is decisive in the calculation of the auto insurance premium because it presents more risks of accident. The more powerful the vehicle, the more expensive the insurance will be. A rule that is all the more costly for a young driver. Inexperience and a powerful engine don’t go well together and can quickly drive up your car insurance bill. Some insurers go so far as to refuse to insure young drivers with powerful vehicles .

5- Avoid cars among the most stolen models in France

Did you know ? While the Renault Clio IV city car is one of the best-selling cars in France, it also tops the list of stolen cars. It is closely followed by the BMW X6 and then by the Smart Fortwo in third position.

6- Increase the amount of your deductibles

The deductible is the sum that remains payable by the insured in the event of a claim unless a responsible third party is identified, in which case you do not have to incur a deductible since it is their insurance that reimburses your damage.

When you choose auto insurance, you have the choice between several deductible amounts. However, the higher the deductible, the lower the amount covered by the insurance will be and therefore the lower the price of your car insurance will be. To lower the price of your car insurance, it may therefore be worth renegotiating your deductible upwards.

Be careful, however, to determine an amount of deductible that you will be able to assume financially in the event of a claim.

7- Carry out leisure journeys only

In car insurance, the use of the car has an influence on your premium. Not using your car to get to work can save you around 30% or so . Insurers generally offer price reductions to motorists who drive only on their free time and for leisure. Do not hesitate to specify it to your insurer!

8- Insure yourself as a secondary driver

Young driver or occasional driver have you thought about insuring yourself as a secondary driver on a relative’s contract? If you don’t drive regularly, this alternative can be a good compromise to reduce your auto insurance bill. Attached to the contract of a relative,  you benefit from the same guarantees as him, at a lower rate than if you insured yourself as the main driver.

Particularly advantageous for young drivers whose premiums are very expensive, it also allows them to accumulate bonuses. In fact, the secondary driver will benefit from more advantageous prices if he wishes to insure himself in his name on his own vehicle later.

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