What are the advantages of the electric car?

electric car

The electric car has advantages, it is not for nothing that 100% electric vehicles represented approximately one in 10 vehicle sales in 2021. We give you more information on the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars.

The electric car, a gesture for the environment

The first advantage of the electric car is of course its reduced environmental impact. Unlike thermal vehicles, the electric car does not emit any greenhouse gases during its operation. Its fine particle emissions are also very low (only related to tire or brake wear). For this reason, electric cars are not subject to the traffic restrictions of low emission zones, which are present in more and more large cities, such as Paris or Lyon. They can also circulate without problems during pollution peaks. Another advantage is that the electric motor is silent, which reduces noise pollution near major urban roads.

The main drawback, however, is the production of the vehicle, and in particular its battery. The latter indeed requires large quantities of lithium, the extraction of which is not always very ecological. In addition, the recycling of batteries, whose lifespan is around 10 years, also represents an important environmental issue.

Reduced running and maintenance costs

It is obvious, an electric car does not consume gasoline. In terms of budget, it is therefore a significant saving, the cost to cover 100 km is approximately two to three times less for an electric vehicle than for a thermal vehicle of the same size. You also no longer need to drive around town to find the cheapest gas station, which saves time.

The other big saving is maintenance . An electric motor has far fewer wearing parts than a combustion engine: there is no need to change the spark plugs or the timing belt. The electric motor does not clog up and does not require oil change, so visits to the garage are cheaper and less frequent. Non-engine wear parts such as brake pads also last longer thanks to the braking system which recovers some of the energy.

The only drawback here again is the battery, the replacement of which can, depending on the model, cost several thousand euros.

High driving comfort

The silent aspect of the electric motor has already been mentioned, it is also an advantage for the driver and passengers. No need to raise your voice to hear yourself in the cabin, or to raise the car radio so that the music covers the noise of the engine.

Driving the vehicle is very smooth. The electric motor can develop its full power from the start and you do not need to worry about the clutch or the gearbox. Vehicle vibrations related to engine operation are also minimized.

A significant investment, but it is possible to reduce

When discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the electric car, mentioning the purchase price is essential. Electric vehicles still have higher manufacturing costs than their thermal equivalents, so their purchase price is higher. This larger investment can be compensated for, however, and not only through the reduced running cost.

A good way to go electric with a lower budget and buy second-hand. Indeed, the rating of electric vehicles is falling faster than that of thermal cars. So think about browsing through Peugeot used cars , maybe you will find an electric model in your budget.

Another way to offset the cost of buying an electric car is to take advantage of the various aids. There are tax advantages for the electric car, for example the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus offered by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. There may also be specific aid for the purchase of an electric car at regional or departmental level.

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