Is It Better to Buy or Lease a Luxury Car?


The decision to buy or lease a luxury vehicle is based on your budget, what you want from a car, and how much you value it. Luxury cars lose their value more quickly than standard vehicles, so the calculations for leasing them are different. The decision to lease a luxury car depends on whether you plan to use it as your daily vehicle or just a fun toy.

How Much Does It Cost for a Luxury Vehicle to Be Leased?

Luxury cars depreciate more quickly than other vehicles, so they are more expensive to lease. The luxury car market is also a place where resale prices have been driven down as they are status symbols and many people don’t like buying used cars. Use our buy vs. lease car calculator to calculate your monthly payments.

If you are considering leasing or purchasing a luxury vehicle, don’t forget to include the insurance cost. Insurance rates for expensive cars are usually higher. You may be eligible for discounts if you have certain luxury features, such as all-wheel-drive, vehicle tracking, and alarms. Non-luxury cars don’t. Find out more about luxury car insurance.

What’s the Difference Between Renting and Leasing a Luxury Car?

You never own a car when you lease or rent a car. You are paying for the temporary use of a car. Long-term rentals are usually for a period of less than one year. Standard leases last between two and four years. Short-term leasing is usually between one and two years. Luxury cars have more flexibility in terms of how many miles they can be driven and less strict eligibility requirements. Like buying a vehicle, leasing usually involves credit checks and down payments. Long-term leases are more expensive than short-term ones.

Should You Lease or Buy a Luxury Vehicle?

It depends on the circumstances you’re in and your car-ownership style. Leasing a luxury vehicle can allow you to try out new cars and keep up with the latest models, as many car enthusiasts like to do. Leasing may be cheaper than long-term rentals and provide an alternative to buying if you are living in a place for more than one year.

If you plan to invest in equity and keep the vehicle for many years, buying may be a good option. The high cost of luxury and exotic vehicles makes them unaffordable for many. You might want to consider buying a used luxury car, taking advantage of the increased depreciation rates in this segment.

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