Buying tips for a luxury car

luxury car

Having a luxury car is a dream shared by many car enthusiasts. This dream having a certain cost, it is important to take into consideration many elements before making it a reality. Discover in this article all our advice in this regard.

Buying a luxury car: determine your budget

This is the first thing you need to do in your project. By accurately calculating the budget you want to allocate to the purchase of your luxury car , you will be able to know exactly what type of vehicle you can afford. Indeed, if some prestige cars are accessible for a few thousand euros, others cost more than fifteen million euros. To make your calculation, take into account, in addition to the price of the vehicle, the various ancillary costs such as taxes, titles, any mandate fees, etc.

Also keep in mind that maintenance will also cost you a certain amount, especially if you decide to go through an official dealership or an affiliated garage.

Purchase of a vehicle: choose the luxury car model

To choose the model of your prestige car, you must take into account your budget, but also some essential criteria including:

motorization: most luxury cars have powerful motorization. However, some models may have 300 horsepower or less while others may boast 550 horsepower and even more.

equipment: in general, all luxury cars are already over-equipped, however, some models may have their own equipment and functions,

the brand: German brands are indicated if you are looking for a vehicle that is as practical as it is comfortable . If you prefer the sportier, higher-performance models, look to the iconic high-end brands.

You will find on sites such as other criteria to help you choose the model of your luxury car.

Find a dealer for the purchase of your luxury car

Have you decided on the luxury car you want to buy? The next step is to find a dealership that offers it for sale. Choose dealers in your area to avoid additional shipping charges. You can also, in this way, ensure that you have your new vehicle as soon as possible.

However, take the time to make comparisons with several dealers to find the most advantageous offer, whether in terms of price or options. Before signing the deed of sale, ask to do a test drive to make sure that the vehicle really meets all your expectations.

How about a used luxury car?

Your budget is quite limited, but you really want to have your luxury car? Second-hand is an excellent alternative . For a few years now, the second-hand market for prestige cars has grown significantly. You can thus acquire certain models at much more affordable prices. Indeed, like all cars, luxury models suffer a discount from the first kilometres.

However, it will be necessary to be cautious, because this market is not spared by malicious people. Although most used luxury cars are well maintained, it is important to learn about the past of the vehicle of your choice to predict its current condition. Ideally, ask for its maintenance log to see if all the necessary revisions and technical checks have been carried out as recommended by the manufacturer.

To reduce all risks, it is better to go through specialized sellers rather than buying from an individual. This approach may cost you more, but it offers you certain guarantees.

The car agent, is it a good idea?

Going through a car agent can also help you make significant savings on the price of your luxury car. The prices offered by these professionals in the sale of cars imported from Germany and several other European countries are on average 20 to 30% cheaper than the prices charged by official dealers.

Multi-brand distributors, they are able to provide you with the luxury car of your choice , regardless of the brand, model and equipment you are looking for. They also exempt you from all negotiations and all administrative formalities to bring your vehicle to France.

In accordance with the legislation in force, automotive agents are required to offer you the same guarantees as with the manufacturer. But some go even further by offering various warranty extensions.

Prepare your funding request

If, like most buyers, you plan to buy your luxury car on credit, you should carefully prepare your loan application file. For your financing request, you have the choice between the personal loan and the car loan . However, the second option is more advantageous than the first. And for good reason, interest rates are generally lower.

You should know that you can take out your car loan directly from the dealership where you want to buy your luxury car. You will therefore benefit from the most competitive interest rates on the market. In this case, the dealer will offer you an installment sale contract. The purchased vehicle will then be used as collateral for the amount borrowed .

Think about building a closed garage before buying your luxury car

A luxury car is appreciated above all for its beautiful bodywork and its sleek lines. To preserve its appearance for as long as possible, park your vehicle in a closed garage in order to protect the bodywork and rims from various external attacks (projectiles, dust, bird droppings, etc.).

However, care must be taken to ensure that the garage is not damp. Humidity favors the appearance and proliferation of rust. In the absence of a closed garage, you can protect your luxury car with a suitable protective cover.

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